Chasing Daylight

Chasing Daylight

Lyrics Video


Chasing Daylight, a rock group from Singapour, reached out this spring (2021) for a lyrics video. They needed a video loop to go along with their new song Deserter.


With the song depicting the personal mindset of a soldier evolving from the will of deserting into the will to fight, Wei and Hosea had the idea of a lyrics video with a soldier running away in the desert. 

With the extremely tight schedule we could have, I offered a video loop repeating itself about 9 times with some explosion going offscreen.



The biggest challenge on this particular project was certainly the time frame. The music video had to be created in 4 days due to budget constraints, and as such, I used most of the tricks I know to accelerate the process. Wise uses of light passes were used in post-production to add mood variations on this 5sec loop, which on its own was quite a challenge to create. It was the first time I used a concept where the whole environment is wrapped in itself like a treadmill. That allowed the whole environment to loop after a certain time.