Rise: Car Study

Car Study

Rise: Every car, a story


Rise is the outcome of hidden interest in automotive rendering. It all started from a boring evening that quickly turned out to be a total fascination for CGI cars. This is my first attempt at car rendering, a mix of frames and in motion imagery

car2_3_v2 copy
car2_3c copy
car2_7b copy
44 copy
2 copy
car_dark1 copy


This part will showcase a few breakdowns / behind the scenes. You will see some previz, comp breakdown, and other nice stuff

Tests of camera move


After looking at car commercials and car short films, I animated a few cameras in a similar way. This is a compilation of a few camera moves.

Comp Breakdown


When I work on a project, I always tend to pass as much time in After Effects then what I actually spend in Cinema 4D. That way, I adjust everything I rendered and add the final touches to make everything perfect. Here's a breakdown of my comp process for this particular project.


CGI by Maxime Truchon

Score by Millas Meilwain

Models by Luis Lara | WireWheelsClub

Special thanks to: Ash Beezmohun, Ramon Pep, Pascal Rhéaume